I’m thrilled to introduce a new member of the LOVE BUCKET PHOTO team…Everyone, meet Diana!!

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Diana will be working as an associate photographer for LOVE BUCKET PHOTO this season and will help me make sure all my wonderful clients get their Holiday pictures in time since I will be taking fewer sessions this fall (you probably got my email…lot’s of personal reasons that will keep me extremely busy until the new year).

You will still get your images & photo orders through me and have access to all the amazing products I offer but Diana will cover some of the shoots, I won’t be able to fit in my schedule this year. She is truly a gifted photographer and I am so excited that I get a chance to work with her!! I hope you take advantage of this opportunity!


The format we designed for you is ideal for those who want a quick family session & get great shots for your annual holiday card at a lower rate than working with me. Just email if you are interested and I’ll put you in touch with Diana to schedule your session. Her on-location sessions are 45 min long, includes 50 hi-res files and cost $600.

I’ll let Diana take over and tell you a bit about herself:


“i love writing in lowercase.

i have pink hair (well, mostly).

i am very visual.

and i love people.

i’m a european living in venice, california. since 2014 when we said au revoir to our life in  germany, we’ve been busy digging our roots in a city that never ceases to fascinate and inspire, a city i’ve come to love. l.a. is home and here i am, with my camera dangling from its pink sash around my neck, chasing after my two little firecracker girls. a full house while my hubby is in the film director’s chair. it can get crazy, silly, and loud but i wouldn’t have it any other way.

my style? natural light which gives my images a candid edge. plus high contrast and deep blacks. look closer at my images, and you’ll notice that i almost always work with a small depth of field, meaning only part of the picture is in focus, emphasizing the subject while de-emphasizing the background.

what i love most about photography is it’s capability to freeze wonderful moments in just one frame. and i’m only happy when i’ve found my subject’s unique personality and raw beauty with my lens. the art of photographing people never stops to surprise me and working with kids makes my work hilariously unpredictable. it definitely never gets boring!”

Now finally, check out her beautiful work…