F. A. Q.

Where should my session take place?

Think about what look you want your photographs to have, as well as where your child will feel comfortable and relaxed. Usually, sessions are held at the beach, a nearby park, an urban spot with vibrant colors and funky walls, or at your home. If you want a session in your home, it is important that there is good natural light streaming in through the windows but I will also bring my studio lights just in case. I am more than happy to help you find the location that is perfect for your session. There is no limits  to what we can do! If you have access to a sailboat and want family photos on a sailboat then great!


What time of day is best?

Generally light is best in the morning and late afternoon/early evening. But determining when your child is happiest is the most important factor when scheduling a time for your session.

What should we wear?

This is often the most asked question and the one thing that flusters many parents. Your choice of clothing is very important for the photo shoot. It is important to remember to stay true to your style but also keep in mind what looks good on camera. We are creating art and clothing is a tool to make that art come to life. If your kids are like mine, than what they are wearing plays a big role in how they are feeling. So start with the clothes that your kids feel comfortable in and allow them to feel like themselves. Bright colors, layers, patterns, and textures are perfect for kids and can help show off their unique personality. I am a big fan of a more muted color palette (greys, navy, beige are awesome!) too though — it all depends on your personal style! Most importantly, you should all  be comfortable, so I suggest avoiding formal clothing, all white, and even shoes. THE MORE CASUAL THE BETTER!

Please refrain from…
–  “Sunday best” outfits.  If you don’t want your kids to mess up their special fancy party outfit, then leave it at home in the closet.  My photo shoots are designed to be fun and playful.  And it is hard to have fun and play if you are trying to keep your best party clothes clean and nice.
– matchy-matchy outfits, it does not look flattering for portraits
– bows or big headbands for girls, especially for babies

If you need ideas, browse though my website portfolio and my previous photo sessions on my blog.  That should give you ideas about what others typically wear on a session. When you are ready to book we can talk through clothing and the setting so they all fit together.

For siblings and families, outfits should coordinate but do not need to be matching! Simple and solid color clothes look great in photographs. But I love patterns and textures too if they coordinate somewhat in terms of colors. Please avoid wearing anything with big logos as they can be distracting in the images. For fall/winter session textured, “wooly” knit wear looks great and adds texture. You are welcome to bring a change of clothes to the shoot!

Have a look at my PINTEREST board on session wardrobe (and I guess the general style of clothing I prefer…I strongly believe that more casual outfits will make for more natural thus more beautiful photographs!): https://www.pinterest.com/lovebucketphoto/session-wardrobe/

What can I do to prepare my child for the photo shoot?

I ask that your children be well rested, fed and in good spirits. It is encouraged to bring something special for your child such as a favorite toy or stuffed teddybear, blanket, rattle, or even a family pet such as a new puppy, kitty, or bunny! If your child is not feeling well I advise that you reschedule so that we can capture your child at their best. I also prefer that only the parents come to the shoot as to not have too many distractions; distractions can limit the success of the session.


When is the best time to schedule newborn photographs?

It is best to photography newborn babies BEFORE they are 10 days old!!! After 2 weeks of age baby acne start showing up and baby will be a lot more restless and does not want to stay in those sweet, curled up, sleepy baby poses. You will want to book your session before the baby is born. Little ones change quickly throughout the course of the year, so consider having portraits again at six months, and a year when their personality really starts to emerge! Ask me about multiple session packages.

Can you retouch, boo boos, scars and wrinkles?

Yes, and our clients love this extra service! All signature collections come with a certain number of retouched files. A la carte retouching is available for $20 per image (for up to 15 min).


When is payment due?

The deposit must be paid before the session begins. Payments for prints & products are due at time of your order. Multiple session packages are due in full prior to your first session.


What equipment do you use for family portraits?

I use a Canon 5D Mark III professional SLR digital camera.. I shoot in RAW format and later convert the images to JPEGs for printing. Any image can be converted to black & white. The L-Series lenses I use provide exceptional sharpness and clarity to the images. All of this makes for beautiful enlargements and a professional quality that anyone can recognize.