rainy vineyard wedding

April 12, 2012

Where do I start…wow, what a crazy day this was! It all started with a super last minute venue change (we are talking 24 hrs prior and no new venue yet!!), double bookings, loss of power, and on top of that a downpour 10 min before the outdoor ceremony was about to start. Just terrible luck (then again it’s supposed to be good luck to have rain on your wedding day)…But Gennie and John held it together, took care of business, and with the help of their amazing family and the great staff at Gainey Vineyard put together a beautiful wedding. They ended up having the ceremony in the cozy & intimate barrel room. It was actually a really cool spot to get married – if you like wine that is ;-). It wasn’t an easy shoot by any means but we made it work and the pictures show how much fun Gennie & John had even with all the stress involved. And right before sunset we actually got a few minutes of sun – yay! Muddy soil and fancy heels & a white dress aren’t the best combination but Gennie was game for a quick excursion and got rewarded with a beautiful rainbow (and a husband!). Everyone really pulled together and had a blast. I feel honored to be part of this crazy wedding day…Congratulations Gennie & John!



John and his two boys getting ready at Petersen Inn, Solvang, CA.

Since everything about her big day changed last minute, I couldn’t be there for Gennie’s hair and make up but I got some awesome shots of  her having fun with her energetic nephew Matthew.

Here comes the rain…

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