jamberry party

October 2, 2015

I mean!? Does it get any cuter?? (I’m sure the moms didn’t love the jello tub but the kids sure did haha)

What a unique & beautiful idea to base your daughter’s party on her favorite book…I really had a blast shooting this one…so many fun details and lots of action to capture. Well done, Homethrown LA!

jamberryparty 1ajamberryparty 1bjamberryparty 3jamberryparty 3bjamberryparty 4jamberryparty 5jamberryparty 6jamberryparty 7jamberryparty 8jamberryparty 9jamberryparty 11jamberryparty 12jamberryparty 13jamberryparty 14jamberryparty 15jamberryparty 16jamberryparty 17jamberryparty 18

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